About Me

This is the section where i’m supposed to tell you a bit more about me….

So let’s see, I can tell you about where i’ve worked but then i’d be re-writing what’s already on Linked In. I could tell you about code that i’ve recently written or things that I like to code but then that would be the same as showing you what’s on my github. I could tell you about recent things that I have found interesting but then I would simply be reposting things that are on my twitter page.

…so I guess instead i’ll tell you about my background a little bit which generally cannot be find in any of the places above. I am originally from Dallas and grew up in a number of different suburbs. I went to elementary school in Dallas (David G. Burnett), junior high partially in Irving and then Mesquite (McDonald middle school) and finally North Mesquite High School.

After graduating I attending Baylor University for 2 years while considering going to medical school. When I realized that I enjoyed computers too much to do anything else I transferred to the University of Texas at Austin from where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. The arts degree rather than the bachelor of science degree allowed me to take a whole slew of other courses (i.e. classical music, art appreciation…) that I believe helped me a bit more creative in my endeavors today. After graduating I started working for various companies starting out as a software engineer and then transitioning into management. In 2006 I  took a parallel path and got an MBA from SMU in General Management. Along the way i’ve learned a lot of things and decided

I was introduced to computers when I was 9 when my uncle from upstate New York sent me my first PC a Commodore 64. Along with it he sent a floppy with a text only game. I can’t recall the name of it now but the one line messages (…you have come upon a tree, what do you wish to do next?) kept me engaged for hours. Amazing how far we have come in only a few short decades. After that I started getting into various online communities including bulletin boards (with my first 4800 baud modem). I enjoyed learning about the world of  BBSs, PBXs, warez, phreaking, cracking, message boards and all of the goodness that it provided. This led me to custom building my first 386 computer complete with 2 floppy drives and a 64k baud external modem. At the time it was like getting 10 christmas gifts in one. My interest in computers helped me to learn basic programming and this allowed me to pursue higher learning in computer science.

Besides computers I have a strong interested in all things sports, basketball being my favored having played in high school and recreationally now and then. Additionally, I like playing poker however when I do get a chance to visit Vegas craps is the passion du jour when it comes to partaking in probability sports. I am a somewhat avid reader and my preference is non-fiction books with topics such as technology, business, biographies, history and religion.