How to setup an mLab cloud based mongoDB on Heroku

If your deploying an application to Heroku and you want to setup and install MongoDB and/or Mongoose then there are several options. Below we describe one of the ways to setup MongoDB as a a Heroku bin will not come pre-installed with any databases. In this tutorial we will explain the steps needed to setup […]

$parent in AngularJS… Good idea or Bad idea?

The setup… This post comes from a recent implementation I completed using Angular 1.x. The sprint consisted of implementing a single page website which allows the user to search and display a listing of YouTube videos via Google’s Youtube API. During the implementation of this project I attempted to set a variable whose scope was two […]

Definition of ready (or not)

Recently I read a blog post by Mike Cohn in which he wrote  a comment where he says that he is not a big fan of the Definition of Ready(known as DoR from here on out). What in sam hill?? In fact his exact comments were… Mike Cohn says Definition of Ready is antietical to […]

Where did all the posts go???

If you are new to my site then you probably aren’t asking this question. However if you have visited my blog before then you may be wondering why there are only a handful of posts?? Well I am a bit ashmed to say but I f**cked up the transition off of my old blogging platform […]